LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS #16 coming soon

 On Sale in November!

Against the world-threatening schemes of six powerful Lords of Chaos, five battles have been won. But in the final conflict, our heroes stand on the verge of defeat. There is already no more NEMESIS GIRL. Jamie Jensen is gone, perhaps forever, claimed body and soul by the power of the JUNGLE LORD, transformed into his sultry and sensuous JAY-NA THE JUNGLE QUEEN.

And unless the mysterious AURA can somehow stop his transformation into a goddess of the Chaos realms, the HUNTSMAN too will cease to exist, replaced by the Jungle Lord's second beautiful bride.

With Aura herself on tap to be remade into bride number three, how can the battle against the Jungle Lord possibly still be won? And how does the unexpected invertention of PSYCHE play right into the hands of this most powerful and sinister of the Chaos Lords, as he looks for bride number four? Find out in this thrilling conclusion to the saga of the Lords of Chaos, by Dennis Mallonee and Ulderico Fioretti.



The battle against the Lords of Chaos continues in this 15th issue of The League of Champions, with story by Dennis Mallonee and artwork by a stellar cast of Heroic superstars!

First, we lead off with a bonus PSYCHE interlude introducing our newest League of Champions artist, Ulderico Fioretti. Then NIGHTWIND and the BLACK ENCHANTRESS team up against the sinister SWAMP KING, with artwork by Chris Marrinan. After that, Rob Jones bring you ICICLE and the fabulous FLYING FOX together against the terrible TUNDRA TYRANT. Finally, it's Ulderico Fioretti once again when the HUNTSMAN and NEMESIS GIRL take on the JUNGLE LORD.

Cover by Ulderico Fioretti